Intercept X for Server Intercept X for Server

Powerful, Server-Specific Protection

Protect the critical applications and data at the core of your organization, whether that data is on physical servers, virtual servers, or in the cloud. Intercept X for Server employs a comprehensive defense-in-depth approach including these essential protections:

Intercept X for Server Overview

Intercept X for Server leverages cutting-edge protection, including including deep learning malware detection, exploit prevention, and technologies designed to stop ransomware and boot record attacks. Unique to Intercept X for Server, the Server Lockdown and Cloud Workload Discovery features ensure that server configurations are safe no matter where they are located.

Stop Exploits and Persistent, Real-Time Hacks

Exploit attacks within server environments can be devastating and are often undetectable by traditional server protection technologies. Intercept X for Server is designed to stop even the most stubborn hackers from leveraging exploit techniques which target credential harvesting, remaining hidden and persistent, or those designed to move laterally across the network between systems and applications.


CryptoGuard Stops Ransomware

CryptoGuard protects servers by stopping the malicious encryption of data and rolling back any changes to a known and safe state. And with Root Cause Analysis, threat discovery and remediation is simple to understand and helps reduce incident response times exponentially.


Discover and Ensure AWS and Azure Workloads are Protected and Compliant

Gain visibility of server workloads running in Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure and enforce a consistent security policy across both on-premises and cloud environments.

Synchronized Security

Synchronized Security is a best of breed security system that enables your defenses to be as coordinated as the attacks they protect against. It combines an intuitive security platform with award-winning products that actively work together to block advanced threats to give you unparalleled protection

  • Shares real-time threat intelligence between servers, endpoints and firewalls
  • Protects end users from accessing potentially compromised servers and cloud-hosted applications
  • Create simple, actionable insights and automatic resolutions across synchronized products

One-Click Server Lockdown

Get powerful change and control management capabilities by whitelisting approved applications and preventing unauthorized server configuration

  • Whitelist trusted applications with a single click and block unapproved server changes
  • Automatically add exclusions for common server applications to save administrators setup time and help to reduce false positives
  • Automatically manage trusted vendor updates and re-register the application in the whitelist

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